J Crew Talent Management

Talent Management agency based out of bangalore, India. Groomed by DJ Jasmeet, brand building some of the finest talents to perform across the globe.


Our talented artists

DJ Deep Bhamra AKA DJ Deep & db A Bangalore based artist who is often referred as the DJ that delivers a fresh experience every time he performs, His unique stage presence & selection of mixes transcends age, genre, and even language. A prominent name in the bangalore DJ circuit with a fast growing following. He leaves trails of memories, melodies and stories wherever he goes.


BOLLYWOOD | HIP-HOP | Mainstream

Ever since I was a child I was always Inclined towards Music. Always kept track of the latest tunes and was always fascinated to learn about different genres. My journey with music started out in my teenage, when people began to recognize and appreciate my choice of music and encouraged me to play for small events (college fests, Birthday parties, promotional events etc) . One thing led to another and my relationship with music went from personal to professional


Bollywood | HIP-HOP | RnB

DJ Rhea has made a mark not only in kolkata but all over india through her style of music and versatility. In a very short span
of time she has managed to attain huge success as a dj. She has been performing on a regular basis at places like Saturday Club, The Grid, Afraa etc. and is currently the faculty at the indigenous dj academy in association with
Pioneer dj.


BOLLYWOOD | Mainstream

Vanshi started his journey in the world of music in 1999. Back then, this 16-year-old boy having little or no knowledge about music was amazed by something at an event. A guy standing behind a console turning knobs, changing CDs and playing through cassettes (yeah, those days were the days) and make everyone move and dance to his ‘tunes’. That’s when he decided to create wonders with music. Vanshi’s passion and relentless work earned him the tag of DJ. Over the years DJ Vanshi has evolved and made his mark in top clubs of India.